Villages Ministry and Slum Ministry in India

India is an agriculture country  about 72% will depend on agriculture.

“Where there is no revelation people will casts off restraint but blessed is who keeps the law proverbs: 28:29.

            According to the eternal will of the lord  Apostle Thomas  has brought the Gospel to India and was martyred.  But the Indian Villages and slum dwellers remain in darkness this is sad thing.

            About 80% of Indian people live in Villages.  The Gospel has not been properly preached to them, unfortunately most of the ministers and well known speakers and ministries of the Gospel were settled down in the comforts of Urban areas having beautiful Church Buildings and these people are proclaiming the Gospel with Television and in Internet, most of the Village people and slum dwellers do not  have the Television sets and also these ministries are conducting the Gospel meetings with heavy expenditure, all this is good, but the villages continue in utter darkness,  nothing  is impossible to the Lord.  God loves India.  We need great prayer warriors, touched by the fire of the Holy spirit please pray fervently about the salvation of rural India, ask God to make the soil fertile. 

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